What Not to Wear

Knowing what not to wear will save you a ton of time shopping and second guessing your purchases. Little, subtle changes can make a HUGE difference in how plus size clothing will look on you. Not all styles in plus size clothing,flatter a full figured woman's silhouette e even though they are on the shelves of plus size clothing stores. When you look at both tops below, you can see they are very similar, but the one on the left tips much lower on the flattery scale.  So little changes can have a big impact on your appearance. 

The neckline on the model to the left isn't open enough to lengthen her neck. And although the hem across her falls below her fuller hip area, the asymmetrical hem to the right draws attention away from her hips. So the V-neckline coupled with the asymmetrical hem on the model to the right, lengthens her silhouette whereas the model on the left looks wider across her hip area and bigger on top because the neckline is not open enough. 

An easy way to remember what is flattering to a plus size woman's figure is to go for vertical lines.  In this case, what not to wear is top #1.

What not to wear

What to wear

Fashion Tips on What TO Wear

  • LAYERING: This is a great way to get some added control if you don’t want to go with Shapewear. Wear a tank top (wide straps) with Lycra or Spandex underneath a sweater, blouse, or t-shirt to smooth out bulges. There are usually a great deal of colors to choose from, so go with bold colors to add a bit of pop to your outfit.
  • ARMS: If you have large forearms, then you should look for a sleeve length that goes past your elbow and not end 1” or 2” above the elbow. A shorter length will make your forearms appear larger.
  • NECKLINE: Plus size tops with deep V-necklines are the most flattering on plus size women. The openness and the cut lengthens the neck creating a longer, leaner look. However, be cognizant of the size of the V. Too small will not have enough power to lengthen your neck and a deep, plunging neckline...well you know...puts "the girls" front and center. 
  • FABRIC: Choose quality fabrics that drape and do not cling to your problem areas. Go with materials that are not too heavy or bulky otherwise you will be adding volume on top.
  • SIZE: This is important! If you buy a plus size top that is too small or even too big, you will look larger than you are. If you are shopping online, use your measurements to determine your size using the retailer's sizing chart. A link is usually available by the size selection box and you will be presented with their sizing chart.  Know your CORRECT SIZE!  Wearing the wrong size is the #1 "what not to wear" rule!
  • If you are looking to wear today's trendy tops then go for COLOR, PRINTS and PATTERNS. If worn wisely, they too can accentuate your positives and minimize your negatives.  Aren't you glad that being plus size doesn't mean you are doomed to wear monotone colors anymore!
  • HEM LENGTH: Besides tunics, the hem should fall below any belly bulge. A good rule of thumb is to wear a top below your widest part. A hem that goes from hip to hip, creates a horizontal line which will highlight your problem area. Asymmetrical hems are excellent options to avoid hip to eye contact and will lengthen your silhouette.
  • Find tops that are NIPPED-IN to create a more defined WAIST.

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