Fashion and Colors are Exploding in
Plus Size Clothing

Today's trends in fashion and colors are not limited to just skinny women. Plus size designers are also using vibrant colors, patterns and prints in their designs for curvy ladies. More fashion styles coupled with bold colors, prints and patterns are replacing the boring, colorless, baggy styles of yesterday.

With a little style advice and guidance, you will come to realize that you can wear trends in fashion and colors to show off your curves. Not only that, it is a great way to express your personality and inject life into your ho-hum wardrobe. The rules of yesterday are not the rules of today. In today's world, you are less likely to hear whispers behind your back, dare I say, if you wear cobalt blue with a bold, abstract print and not one colossal mass of black from head to toe!

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How to Wear Trendy Clothing to Flatter Your Figure

Since there are so many vibrant prints, patterns and colors available in plus size fashion today, knowing what to wear can be a little tricky. Remember that balance is key. So keep your height, size and body type in perspective. If you are tall, you can get away with wearing bolder prints. However, if you are petite and plus size then a larger pattern or print maybe too overwhelming for your silhouette.

Below are some fashion tips and tricks showing you how you can fashion and colors to highlight your positive features. So be adventurous and take this as an opportunity to  put some life into your wardrobe. I guarantee compliments will follow. Read on and see how you can use fashion and colors to make you look and feel good in what you wear.

If your goal is to draw attention to your waist and not to your bottom, hips and bust, then go for a printed or solid colored top. Your bottom half should be a solid, darker hue (different from the top color). Creating this type of combination will create a visual line at your waist, thereby, accentuating it.

Patterns that change between the bust and waist will create a clear separation and will define your waist.

Round patterns, such as those with balls, flowers, balloons or any other circular shapes, can accentuate the wrong areas of your body. So when choosing circular patterns be sure there isn't a giant flower placed directly on your rear end.

You be the judge and pick which round pattern you think is more flattering.

Horizontal stripes create a visual, horizontal line across your body which may make  you appear larger than you are.  To minimize this effect, draw attention away from the all over stripes by drawing attention to a specific feature such as your waistline or neckline. This can be done by wearing a sash, belt,  accessories, etc.

Vertical lines draw the eye up and down. In the picture to the right, the model is wearing horizontal stripes, but that is minimized by the bold, orange vertical stripe. 

Many plus size women have been brainwashed over the years to never, ever wear horizontal stripes. Times have changed and you can wear them as long as stripes are worn in a way to minimize and not make you appear larger.

If you can't take the plunge and wear them at all, you can always add stripes to your outfit with a tote, scarf, shoes, etc.

Abstract prints and patterns are great options in plus size fashion. They help camouflage the negatives and prevent onlookers from zeroing in on one particular area.

Finally, be careful not to get lost in whatever pattern or print you buy. You should be the one wearing the clothes; don't let the clothes wear you!

Flattering Color Tones for Every Woman

If you are not sure about what colors to introduce into your wardrobe then consider some of the colors shown below. These colors are proven to look great on all skin tones. The reason is that these colors fall smack dab in the middle of the color spectrum, giving them a neutral tone because they are neither too warm nor too cool.

TRUE RED: This color flatters everyone because the orange and blue tones meet in the middle of the color spectrum to create this universally flattering red.

MELLOW ROSE: This color is a sophisticated shade of pink that actually falls between a light pink and a peach. The subtle color accentuates the natural flush of a woman's face. Lipsticks in this shade are also universally flattering.

EGGPLANT: There are so many purples to choose from but your best bet is to go with eggplant. It can be a closet staple because it works just as well as black, dark brown or navy colors.

INDIAN TEAL: This color enhances a healthy glow in all skin tones.

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