Fashion News: Spring 2013
Plus Size Clothing Collection

The latest fashion news brings the Spring 2013 collection which is simple, consisting of black ready-to-wear pieces that are splashed with bright accents of pink and blue. Much of it can be found exclusively for sale at plus size clothing boutique, Gussied Up (located at 1090 Bathurst Street, Toronto), with a percentage of net proceeds from sales going to a charity supporting young adults with cancer.

Fashion News for the 2013 Prom Season announced that they will be stocking more plus size dresses than ever for the 2013 prom season after noticing a steady rise in demand. The last few years have seen the fashion world as a whole begin to give more attention to designs for plus size women and girls, and the prom industry is no different.

The one drawback to this increasingly popular demand for plus size fashion, according to information gathered by’s market research team, is that for many girls here in the United States accessibility to these wonderful designs is still very limited. Larger department stores for the most part will not carry plus size designer special occasion gowns because they only appeal to a very select market; whereas designer boutiques that cater to the special occasion buyer will offer only a very limited selection of plus size gowns, due to the limited size of their inventories.

This increased commitment to plus size fashion comes in response to customer feedback had been receiving for the last few prom seasons. Girls looking for plus size prom dresses, particularly size 14 and larger, were unhappy with the limited selection found in most stores and websites. “We always try to listen, and respond to the needs of our customers,” said Mr. Adrian “and this problem in particular was one that appeared again and again, so we re-examined our stocking practices and I think that the girls will be pleasantly surprised with all the new options they will have for prom 2013.” is an online retailer of prom dresses and gowns, formal and cocktail dresses for homecoming and special occasions. In addition to promoting new prom designers over the Internet, gives advice for prom and homecoming using a variety of blogs and online media tools.

We will try to give you the latest fashion news as it pertains to the Plus Size Clothing market and what is be show in plus size trendy clothing for the season.

Wake Up Fashion World

FASHION NEWS FLASH: It’s time for the fashion world to wake up and realize that one of the fastest growing segments of fashion has curves. The industry needs its own in-print, glossy magazine for the 60+ million plus size women who deserve one they can call their own.

New York Fashion week needs to have a dedicated or inclusive runway event with a full figure couture fashion show with high-end designers. At this time, there is no show featuring high-end, mainstream clothing for the full figured women.

More and more of plus size models are showing off their international appeal with beautiful Italian and Australian Vogue covers. Top designers are taking notice and the day when the full figured women becomes a fashion icon in her own right is around the corner.

The fashion industry needs to wake up before they are late to the game. Failure to anticipate, innovate and recognize the needs of the consumer means you’ll be playing catch up in the dawn of the plus size explosion.

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