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First and foremost, before you shop for trendy tops (from women's t-shirts to formal wear), you need to know your body shape. From there, it's easy because shopping for in-style and trendy tops is not very different than shopping for dresses. You just need to know which fashion styles and necklines will flatter your body shape. In no time, you will be able to  spot your fashion villains and dress as though you have your own personal stylist. And if you want more fashion choices and options to accentuate your assets, then adding prints, patterns and bold colors is the way to go.

A-LINE: This style works great for all body types especially for women with a belly or with fuller, wider hips. The top is nipped-in at the waist and flares out to the hem where the edges appear to form a capital A.

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EMPIRE: The bodice will hit just below the bust line which is the smallest part of a woman's body. Therefore, attention will be drawn upwards away from your hip area.

The style from the bodice to the hem can vary from it being flared, straight or even ruched which is great in camouflaging problem areas.

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What about tops with asymmetrical hems?

Check out two tops and see which one comes out on top. :)

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SURPLICE: This is similar to the wrap style and is sometimes called the "faux wrap." The neckline crosses diagonally to create a deep V-neckline. This is a flattering option for all body types as well.

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WRAP: This is very similar to the surplice style. Both sides of the top will wrap diagonally across and will tie together at the side. The diagonal wrap creates a deep V-neckline. These plus size tops beautifully accentuate your waist. Even if you don't have a waist, it will give the illusion of having one.

PEPLUM – When it comes to tops, peplum is it! However, it has its pluses (excuse the pun) and minuses.

It will give a plus size woman who is straight or rectangular curves. For a full figured woman with a full bust, it creates balance. For an hourglass, it accentuates curves. It can also mask a tummy or a muffin top.

If you have larger hips, peplum will make you look wider. Pear body types should avoid peplum altogether. It not only adds volume to your hips, it creates a greater divide between your top and bottom. You will look out of balance and out of proportion.

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DRAPING: Fabric is loosely gathered together to create a classic, almost Grecian look. Any vertical or asymmetrical draping will lengthen your appearance and detract from your problem areas.

Be careful that the amount of fabric used isn't too voluminous. In the picture to the right, the draping adds too much volume to her middle making her appear larger than she is.

RUCHING looks good on any and all body types. When it comes to trendy tops, I love this look and how forgiving it is. The fabric is gathered tightly together which masks any problem areas. It has been widely used in swimwear over the years, but it is becoming more and more popular in plus size clothing.

Women's BLOUSES work really well for full figured women because, by its very nature, they are made with fabrics (that is quality fabrics) that drape and don't cling. 

Be careful though! Don't fall into the trap of buying them over sized or without any structure. Baggy is not flattering. Be sure to  shop for that nipped-in or belted waist.

Also, anything that has vertical lines will elongate your figure. And it is a great look on blouses too!

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