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Plus Size Fashion Trends For 2014

Regardless of your size, many fashion-minded women look to current fashion trends to help guide their style choices from one season to the next. If you're a style-conscious, plus-size woman looking for some new plus size fashion trends for the 2013 you're in luck! These looks are accessible, easy to achieve, and ready to flatter your beautiful, full figure, and not just runway stick figures.

1 - Jewel Tones

Jewel tones are especially big. Enjoy the latest color addition of amethyst. This fun, flirty shade of purple is the perfect way to get an instant colorful boost that's right on trend. Stick to classic silhouettes that flatter your figure this season, just shop for them in amethyst! Emerald green is also a stunning color. Mauves are as essential as last season's tangerine, and look flawless paired with cool-toned neutrals. The old adage of all black being the most flattering for your plus size figure can be blown away with head turning purples and greens.

2 - Peplum, or Ruffle Detailing

Peplums have been a fashion mainstay for two seasons in a row, making it a hot trend right now. Peplums tend to intimidate us because we fear the added volume will make us look heavier. But the truth is that a well-placed peplum creates a curvier sillouette and can hide belly bulge.

3 - Lady-like Retro Chic

Retro is in right now, so embrace your femininity with some smart fashion choices! Try to modernize this classic style with tweed jackets, pearls, structured bags, and the right mix of accessories. Wear heels with cropped pants or a fitted dress with ankle boots along with the perfect clutch.

4 - WOW Factor! - Shiny Metallic Colors

A more recent addition to the world of fashion neutrals are metallics. Metallic accessories and apparel have been a big hit for the past few seasons. Adding a metallic item to an outfit will instantly update your look.

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"Flaunt what's flattering"

Accentuate your favorite features. You know what they are. If your have great legs, wear fitted bottoms or skirts that fall just above the knee..

Wear pieces that compliment your height. With your hands at your side, the area that your wrist hits will be the most flattering length for a suit jacket or blazer.

If you have beautiful eyes, play with color near your face.

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