Plus Size Jackets and Coats to Keep You Warm and Toasty this Season!

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Cool weather calls for fabulous coats! Button up with a new plus size jacket to ROCK your wardrobe!

Could anything be more bleak this winter than wearing another black puffer coat? I apply the same fashion sensibility to my outerwear as I do to what's bundled up beneath. If it doesn't scream "Wear me now!", I won't buy it. My advice is to try an unexpected print, texture, or color and step outside your comfort zone. Be BOLD and go BOLD.

Bold animal prints add modern day glam to your silhouette — perfect over jeans and a sweater. If you go for the classics, then go for a peacoat with a scarf. This look is always a head turner. Leather jackets are always the rave. Leather Moto's are especially hot this year. A leather jacket is a "must have" for every wardrobe.

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Tips for Buying a Plus Size Coat

Plus Size Coats for the Apple:

When shopping for coats or jackets, you should follow the same guidelines when shopping for tops. Go with swing and A-line coats that hit lower on your body so you will look balanced and in proportion. Don't go with belted coats or jackets which will emphasis your middle area and with the heavier material, your waist will appear larger.

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Plus Size Coats for Straight or Rectangles:

The basic body shape objective for plus size rectangles are to simultaneously widen hips and shoulders, while minimizing the waistline. A large collar and buttons add width to the shoulders, while buttoned pockets and a flared bottom adds width to the hip area. The result, a waistline that’s visually smaller in comparison. While hunting for your plus size rectangle outerwear, make sure you avoid coats that broaden the waistline (any details/belts/etc. at the waist area).

Plus Size Coats for Triangles or Pears:

The coat should visually widen your shoulders, emphasize your already small waistline, and de-emphasize your hips. Details at the shoulder add visual interest to narrow shoulders, while a streamlined, subtle A-line shape doesn’t add unnecessary bulk. You should avoid extra detailing or bulk at the waist, hips and butt such as double-breasted jackets or coats. Be careful about detailing at the shoulder such as giant collars or epaulets.

Plus Size Coats for Inverted Triangles:

The plus size jacket should create balance with broader shoulders and bust. Inverted triangles should avoid plus size outerwear that adds bulk to the top half of your body, through details such as shoulder pads, epaulets, giant collars and double-breasted jackets.

Plus Size Coats for the Hourglass:

The coat should balance the shape of the plus sized hourglass body type, while emphasizing a smaller waistline. Plus size hourglasses can emphasize their naturally slender waists to their heart’s content: belts, cinching or banding. If you have an hourglass figure, you should avoid styles that add bulk at the waist or to only the top or bottom half of the torso. Balance is key.

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