Use a Bra Size in the 20%

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What is a bra size calculator?

It's not a new invention. It's not a new app. It's just simple math. Math that every women should know so they can finally unravel the mystery of their true bra size.

          Why 20%?           That's how many women actually wear the right size bra.

Most women struggle with their bra sizing. You know what I am talking about too! How many times have you gone in and out of the dressing room with 20 different  bra sizes and bra styles?  Maybe you buy the same size you have worn for years and years. How do you know for sure you are wearing the correct size? Do you buy bras based on five star reviews? Big mistake!

The wrong bra size may not give you the support, lift and coverage you need. It can change how your clothing looks on you, it can make you look older, cause back pain and give you poor posture.

That's why taking your proper band size and bust size measurements are critical when calculating your measurements. It is essential to looking and feeling your best and taking care of your body.

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Bra Size Calculator 

  • Be sure to wear a good fitting bra when measuring yourself.
  • Measure your BAND SIZE by placing the measuring tape around your back and under your arms so the tape measure meets in front, but above your breasts.
  • Measure your BUST SIZE by lowering the tape around your back and in front over the largest part of your bust.
  • Determine your CUP SIZE by doing some math. 

Bust Size – Band Size = Cup Size 

  • Take the difference and convert it by using the chart below.

Watch the video below to see an example how to calculate your measurements.

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How to Measure Bra Size

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