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Plus Size Evening Dresses


More and more jaw dropping styles in plus size evening dresses are being shown by designers today. And why not? All women, skinny and not so skinny, want to look gorgeous for that special occasion whatever that may be. The desire to feel beautiful has no size. Looking your best means that you need to know what styles and designs in plus size dresses will accentuate your positives and minimize your problem areas. A great place to start is to know your body type and your correct size.

Your ultimate goal is not to appear on Fashion Police as the worst dressed. Let's face it, Joan can be cruel.

Plus Size Evening Dresses
Do's and Don'ts

I have mentioned this very important tip throughout my website, but it's worth repeating, especially when looking for plus size evening dresses.


Also, you should know your body shape so you can see what styles in plus size formal dresses will look the best on you.

"A dress that zips up the back will bring a husband and wife together."

~James H. Boren

  • QUALITY FABRIC never meant so much. When shopping for plus size evening dresses, this is not the time to cut corners on quality. If you select classic and elegant styles, you can wear them for years so spending a little more will pay off in time.
  • Don't buy shiny fabric. Shiny fabrics accentuate EVERYTHING! They will catch the light and create a shadowing effect which will highlight all your bumps and bulges. The exception is only if the dress or gown has ruching. I love the look of ruching. The fabric is tightly gathered to create folds that cover problem areas and also creates curves in the right places.
  • Strapless necklines will make you appear larger on top and will make your arms look bigger too. If you are full busted, it won't give you enough support to hold up "the girls." You'll end up pulling and tugging at the bodice all night long, which is not a sexy or attractive look. You might as well guzzle a beer while you're at it.
  • Look for OPEN NECKLINES especially ones that will lengthen your neckline. Baggy, blousy styles will only make you look bigger so look for well-tailored styles (not tight, but well fitted).
  • If you are shopping for a dress with a shorter hem, make sure it hits at the knee or slightly above it. If it falls below your knee, it will make you appear shorter.
  • Bodice or corset tops are very flattering. The seams have boning in them which gives structure and support to hold you in and give you shapely curves.
  • WIDER STRAPS will allow you to wear a supportive bra and cover the bra straps.
  • Plus size SHAPEWEAR IS ESSENTIAL. Don't even think about leaving the house in a plus size evening dress without wearing any. Stars, who walk the red carpet, swear by them.
  • Ruffles are a nice touch as long as they are not overwhelming or add bulk to your frame. A ruffle going down a plus size formal dress, can actually elongate your figure.
  • Look for a dress that ACCENTUATES YOUR THINNEST POINT whether that is your natural waist or just below your bust line.
  • DRAPING is also a great way to cover problem areas. Be sure the draped fabric is not too voluminous. Otherwise, the added fabric will make you appear larger than you are.
  • Wear higher, CHUNKY HEELS. This isn't the time to go for comfort. Heels will elongate your silhouette even if you are wearing a gown. You also need to create balance for your feet so don't wear a thinner heel if you have a wide feet. Thin, skinny heels will make your feet appear bigger.
  • If you don't want to look trashy, then be sure to wear the CORRECT SIZE.
  • Look in the mirror and ask yourself if your silhouette looks balanced. If so, then you are good to go.
  • Most importantly, GO HAVE A GREAT TIME!
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