Sexy Women's Lingerie

Don't be shy, you can wear sexy women's lingerie. We've all hear the saying, "Style has no size," well sexy has no size either. If you are plus size then you can wear sexy women's lingerie too.

And just like all women, you just need to know what lingerie styles and designs will flatter your figure. By wearing lingerie, you will gain confidence, self-esteem and best of all, it will improve your love life! Lingerie will help cure what ails you.  Remember, size is just a number; it doesn’t define who you are.

Before you start shopping, read on so you know what styles will make you look incredible.

  • Know what positive features you would like to accentuate
  • Know what problem areas you would like to minimize

More importantly, have a positive attitude. Designers are showing more and more sexy women's lingerie styles with flattering fabrics and colors that will enhance your figure and downplay your problem areas. So the only thing stopping you from feeling beautiful and looking beautiful, is you.

Plus size lingerie

How to Dress Up Your Assets and
Downplay Your Problem Areas


Your Waist: The corset is designed to cinch you in at the waist. It can take off about two inches creating a curvier more voluptuous look.

Your Cleavage: Many styles will play up this feature. The chemise and baby doll are very flattering plus size lingerie styles. The corset not only defines your waist, but it will also give you great support as well as a voluptuous look.

Your Legs: Wear garters, a teddy or high-cut panties.


Your Derriere: Boy short panties are flattering to all big bottom girls.

Thick Middle or Stomach:  Go with an empire waist or A-line cut. Be sure the fabric drapes and does not cling over your middle section.

Your Legs: Go with long gown styles. 

Bottom Heavy or Top Heavy:  Go with a darker color on the larger part and lighter hues on the smaller part.  A two-toned look with create a balanced look so your heavier part won’t stand out.

Your Arms: I know this may sound strange, especially when wearing lingerie, but some women do not like exposing them.  A simple solution is to wear  a beautiful silky or lacy robe with your  chemise, corset, etc.

Flattering Lingerie Styles

CORSET: This style is meant to show off your curves.  It pushes up your cleavage for a  voluptuous, sexy  appearance. The boning in the corset cinches in your waist and  mid-section creating a smooth look.

BABY DOLL: This style flatters all shapes and sizes because of the empire waist.  The waist actually falls right under the bust which is the smallest point on a woman’s body. The fabric drapes from the empire waist inset which covers the stomach or a larger mid-section very nicely.

CHEMISE: This is a more demure or toned down version of the baby doll style.  This is still very sexy and flattering to most body types.

LONG NIGHTGOWNS: If you are petite and plus size, consider wearing a gown style with a long slit along your leg. This will lengthen your silhouette.

CAMISOLE AND PANTY SET: If you prefer comfort and simplicity, this is a great choice in plus size lingerie. The camisole and panty set are also very popular and come in a variety of fabrics, from silk to cotton.

Consider Fabric, Color and Structure

Yes, style is very important. However, fabric, color and how well lingerie is made are equally important. You will pay more for quality upfront, but in the long run you will save money. You really don’t want to wear a beautiful piece of lingerie only once…do you? Here is what you should look for when buying full figure lingerie:

  • Wear colors that are flattering to your skin tone. You don’t want to look like you are getting the flu.
  • Invest in quality fabrics. Quality fabrics will drape nicely over your silhouette and will retain its shape longer.
  • Make sure when you buy any plus size sexy lingerie that it has quality seaming. You literally don’t want it falling apart at the seams.  
  • Make sure that the boning structure in a corset is sturdy. It will hold you in and give you enough support for your waist and cleavage. Good support will also tuck in any bulges or rolls.


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