Leather Jackets for the
Full Figure Woman

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Essential Tips for Buying Plus Size Leather Jackets

  • REAL VS. FAUX: This is really a personal judgment call, so it depends on your ethics and how you feel about real leather. There are plenty of fantastic synthetic options out there, so feel free to explore all your options. It doesn't matter what kind you buy, but always buy the best you can afford.
  • KNOW YOUR STYLE: Have a style in mind before you shop. If you're not into the whole biker-babe look, don't purchase a motorcycle jacket covered in studs. Conversely, if you're not too conservative, a long suede duster will just gather dust in your closet.
  • KNOW YOUR BODY TYPE: Look for the best jacket for your silhouette. Busty girls should look for jackets with simple silhouettes that zip without pulling. If you're very curvy, avoid bomber shapes or cropped silhouettes to avoid looking bigger — go for a slightly longer jacket that will show off your shape instead. Women with broad shoulders should make sure the waistline nips in slightly so the jacket doesn't swallow your waist.
  • INSPECT FOR QUALITY: Just because the leather jacket is expensive doesn't mean it's well made. Put the jacket through some stress testing before swiping that credit card. Tug the seams, make sure any linings are sewn in properly, look for the security of the stitching on zippers, and ensure embellishments or buttons are securely fastened. One of my main criteria for leather is softness. Look for softer leathers. Harder leather won't necessarily get much softer over time.
  • CONSIDER YOUR CLOSET: Leathers can work into your wardrobe in a multitude of ways. Shorter, cropped styles can work with pretty much any type of dress, from an evening gown to a sundress. Bomber types are best for casual wear but can look rather runway-ready over a ball skirt for the right occasion. Leather car coats are spectacular outerwear additions that can upgrade any look. Take photos of some of your existing wardrobe favorites with you and pair them with your intended purchase. The versatility might surprise you.
  • If you can splurge on a second, TRY A COOL COLOR. I love the metallic leathers and rich burgundy tones!
  • Use the best premium leather conditioner to soften and PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT. You can buy a top rated conditioner at Leatherhoney.com.

Always check the return policy to make sure that if you're not loving your leather jacket that it can be safely returned to its original home. After all, this is all about you and how your jacket will make make you feel and look.

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