Are You a Plunging Neckline Junkie?

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Do you tend to wear outfits with a plunging neckline in hopes that your breasts will  detract from your size? Do you ever consider what looks best for your particular shape? Yes, it's a given that a plunging neckline is flattering,  but they are not always suitable for every occasion especially for work. So what do you do?

You need to realize there are more neckline styles that will flatter your silhouette. And if you are like most, you may not realize that a neckline plays a critical role in your overall look. Think about it...every outfit you wear has a neckline, but some are not always meant for a full figured women even if they do show up in plus size shops. And I bet you don't initially consider the cut of a neckline when you shop for plus size clothing.

There are definitely numerous options available when it comes to necklines, but the question is do you know which ones are your friends or foes? So it's a game of chance if you don't know which ones will accentuate your positives and minimize your problem areas. If you think a plunging neckline is the only way to go, then think again. Below is a rundown of the various types of necklines that you will find in plus size tops, sweaters, and gowns.  You'll come to realize that you can flatter your silhouette with many neckline looks. Remember, you are more than your bust!

Read on and see if you have any neckline foes hiding in your closet or drawer.

SCOOP NECKLINES are a plus size woman's best friend. It opens up the neckline. It's a great option when your want to wear stunning, attention grabbing jewelry.

Personally, this look is the best one for me and I always look for this style when it comes to t-shirts, sweaters and blouses.

CREW, T-SHIRT, JEWEL NECKLINES are a foe. Although it has a scoop neckline, the cut is not open enough so it can make your face look heavier. It also doesn’t have enough power to draw attention away from your problem areas.

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V-NECKLINES are a DEFINITE FRIEND for all full figured women because it slims more than any other style. It lengthens your neck and also draws attention upwards away from your hip area.

However, if you go with a deep, plunging neckline, you won't have to worry about anyone noticing your hips to begin with. This is a very sexy look but a plunging neckline is not appropriate for every venue especially for work.

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SWEETHEART NECKLINES are  very flattering to curvy ladies. This style is also a variation of the V-neckline giving a timeless, graceful look. And yes, they too come in a plunging neckline style.

This neckline is distinguished by having two curves meet over the bust line and coming to a point in the middle of the bust giving an appearance of a heart shape.

STRAPLESS or THIN STRAPS are neckline styles, I am sorry to say, are not flattering to all plus size women. Wearing an open neckline is your goal, but too much openness will make you look bigger on top and even make your arms appear larger too. For women with a full bust, you won't get the support you need even if you are wearing a supportive bra.

SURPLICE NECKLINES - A great friend! It crosses diagonally over the bust line creating a deep, V-shaped neckline. Sometimes it is referred to as a "faux wrap" style. This is a very fashionable, hot trend that also gives a very feminine look. If you feel the V is too deep, then you can wear a camisole underneath.

TURTLENECKS are NOT a plus sized woman's friend AT ALL! Outside of wearing them for warmth, plus size women shouldn’t wear them. If you have a double chin or a fuller neck,  it will make you appear larger. Think about it; you are adding two layers of fabric to your neck!

It doesn’t meet the plus size gals clothing criteria either…there is no openness to elongate your neckline.  One last thing about turtlenecks, if you have a large bust, it will make you appear larger there too. JUST SAY NO TO TURTLENECKS!

COWL NECKLINES are more foe than friend for plus size women. I guess you could say that when it comes to necklines, they are a back stabber. It resembles an unstructured, floppy turtleneck and drapes below the collar bone. It flatters small-chested women as the extra draping of the fabric can add volume to the bust area. If you have a full bust, you don't want the added volume; otherwise, you will make your bust line appear larger. Also, avoid heavier material. This will add more bulk to your frame. Go with silkier fabrics and styles where the neckline is open between the collar bone and cowl draping.

ASYMMETRICAL NECKLINES are a twist on the everyday V-neckline so it counts as a friend. Instead of the V being centered on your chest, it will be positioned off center. It adds interest to your outfit while lengthening your neck. It's a very modern and classy look and they look great when they are worn with a brooch.

HIGH COLLARS are a tossup. It depends how you wear them. Collared shirts usually don’t have enough openness to lengthen your neck. The collar also hits higher on the neck which can add fullness to your face.

However, wearing an opened collared shirt (like a jacket) with a V-neck or scoop neck tank or t-shirt underneath, creates balance and provides length to the neckline.

PORTRAIT NECKLINES are always classy and give a romantic look and they look great on full figured women. It narrows at the shoulders and curves down below your throat’s hollow which will draw attention to your décolletage area making you look leaner. - Free shipping on orders over $35

BOAT, BATEAU NECK or SABRINA NECKLINES - FOE, FOE, FOE! It is a wide neckline that goes horizontally across the collarbone almost from shoulder point to shoulder point. The wide, horizontal line and the lack of openness will make you look larger than you are. 

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Bottom line, when it comes to looking and dressing your best, always consider an open neckline when shopping for any outfit. So before you buy the latest argyle sweaters you have had your eye on, consider the neckline first.

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