Learn Proper Bra Fit

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Your bra challenge is not quite over yet. You still need to master proper bra fit. Bravo if you have used the BRA SIZE CALCULATOR to get your correct bra sizing. By combining your right bra size along with applying tips on how a bra should fit, you are well on your way in transforming your look.

Bra fit is challenging because our bra sizing can change so frequently. Exercise, for one thing, can change your shape and your measurements. 

Losing and gaining 10lbs will change your bra sizing and fit too. And of course, we can't forget the aftermath of having children.

So bra sizes and bra fit change like the wind, so it seems. Time is precious and running to get your measurements from a professional is not always convenient. That's why you should be able to size a bra by taking your own measurements. And if you have daughters, what a great thing to teach them so they don't have endure this lifelong battle.

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Then we have another uphill climb because not all bras fit the same, even if they are the same style. Bra manufacturers structure and design their bras differently from one another. For instance, wearing a Warner's minimizer bra will fit differently than a Le Mystere minimizer bra and so on.

Just knowing your measurements and calculating your bra size puts you way ahead of the game. From there you can try on different styles to see which ones are the most supportive and flattering on your silhouette. So don't wave the white flag, be prepared with your bra size and learn everything you need to know about proper bra fit. From now on, you will never have problems finding the right full figure bra.

What Should You Look for in Bra Fit?

Not all stores have saleswomen available to help you size you for a bra and give advice on proper fit. You can take charge and find bras that fit you properly as long as you know what to look for in fit. 

It's a good idea to try on a variety of styles too. Each style fits and shapes your breasts differently.

Band: You should be able to get one or two fingers comfortably between the band and your skin. You should not be able to pull it away from your skin like a sling shot. It should be level all the way around you from front to back. If the band rests higher on your back or if you have bulges then the band is too big. You will need to go down a band size.

Lift and Support: This one is really important. Stand sideways looking at the mirror and make sure the bra supports your breasts so they fall between your shoulder and elbow. Proper support will improve your posture, alleviate back pain, and make you look younger too!

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Underwire: The underwire should fully contain the bottom of each breast. The wire should come up between the breasts and rest flat on your breast bone.  The wire should not poke you or stick out anywhere.

Cup: It should be smooth with no gaping material. If the cup is molded or padded then there should not be any extra room. Your breasts should not spill from the top, bottom or sides.

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Straps: They get blamed a lot for poor fit, but they are innocent. Did you know straps only bear about 10 percent of your bust weight?

The band is what gives you proper support and lift. So if your straps fall off your shoulders then try and see if tightening them works. Also, if your bra band is riding up on your back then you will need to go down a band size. This will prevent the strap from falling down.

Center Panel: The middle part of the bra should rest flat against your breast bone between your breasts.

No Underwire: Be sure that your breasts are separated so that you have a flattering bust line. Wearing the wrong underwire style can give a woman the uni-boob look especially when wearing sport bras.

Final bra fitting test: Raise your arms up and down a few times. The bra should still rest against your body. The band should not shift and your breasts should still be contained in the cups.

By now you should know how to size a bra and know what to look for in proper bra fit. To keep wearing the right bra with the right fit, you should make every effort to take your bra measurements every six months or so. You may be surprised to learn that your measurements are telling you it's time to buy a new bra.

Your hard work and commitment to finding the right bra means that you can be comfortable, enhance your silhouette and be pain free. And let's not forget the best of all, you will look great and feel great too!

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Some more bra tips...

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Keep in mind that bras will lose some of its elasticity and structure over time. This is not good especially if you already wear ill fitting, large bras to begin with. So it is very important to keep them looking their best. Hand wash them or use a delicate cycle on your washing machine.

If you start to see that the band is resting higher on your back, then it's starting to lose its shape. Not all may not be lost though. You can extend its wear a little longer by moving the back closure to the middle or last hooks. This will tighten the band and as a result rest lower on your back. This will give you added time before you need to shop for bras again.

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More than 60% of American women wear plus size bras.  So today, full figured women are the majority, not the minority when it comes to shopping for bras.

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