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Dresses for Women

Dress styles come and go but one of the most flattering and timeless dresses for women is the wrap dress. It is one of the most flattering dresses for women because the neckline is usually a V-neckline or sweetheart neckline. An open neckline is a must for plus size women because it lengthens your neckline. It also ties at the waist which is great if you want to accentuate your waist. And it will create definition at your waist if you don't have one. Finally, if you buy a wrap dress with quality fabric, it will drape nicely over your hips. This is a great bonus especially if you are trying to minimize wider hips. 

If you don't know what to wear, this dress style is a no fail option. It transitions well from day to evening. You can dress it up or down with accessories. Most stores today carry this in their plus size dresses collection and offer a nice selection of colors and patterns to choose from. And for an added bonus, this style is very comfortable.

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Finally, don't forget to look for quality fabrics that drape and don't cling! And remember to wear the right shapewear so you will look stunning!

Dress styles and looks cover the gamut, from formal and special occasion dresses to casual, summer dresses. So if you find that an A-line dress looks the best on you, then why not stay with that style?  Go with what works and you will always look great!

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Plus Size Color Block Dresses -
Powerful Illusions

Color block dresses are a great choice for in full figure clothing because it creates an instant slimming effect to your figure. This style is also freeing in the sense that you can say goodbye to black and hello to color to create a slenderizing silhouette. When shopping for color block dresses, look for vertical or asymmetrical lines to achieve that longer, leaner look. Color block dresses can also create a combined blouse and skirt look just like the dress shown on the right.

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Plus Size Empire Dresses -
Oh So Regal!

The empire dress style is very flattering. The bodice of this dress style hits just below the bust line which is the smallest part of a woman's body. Empire dresses are great for full figured women because it creates a waist even if you don't have one. It also draws the eye upwards away from your hips (as long as the skirt drapes and doesn't cling). For you hourglass ladies, it definitely can accentuate your curves if you go with a more form fitting skirt like the pencil skirt shown on the red dress below.

Plus Size A-line Dresses -
A+ on Style

One of the most flattering dresses for women are A-line dresses. They look great on most body types. Just keep in mind what necklines work the best for your body type. They especially flatter women who have fuller, wider hips. The skirt of the A-line dress tapers out from the waist to the hem in a strong, straight line making the edge of the silhouette form a capital A.

The key is to create balance so be sure the top is fitted and not baggy. Otherwise, you may actually appear larger than you are.

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