Plus Size Shapewear Styles to
Flatter Your Figure

What are the Benefits of Shapewear?

The benefits that plus size shapewear provides is worth the effort and expense to make them a staple in your wardrobe. It helps you feel feminine, shapely and sexy giving you a giant confidence boost in any outfit you wear. And even though shapewear smooths unsightly cellulite, rolls and bulges, it can actually be healthy for your body too!


  • Firms and flattens the abdomen
  • Provides support to your lower back
  • Reduces the size of your waistline
  • Helps give you a waistline if you don't have one
  • Provides lift to your bust
  • Minimizes the size of your bust
  • Reduces saddle bags
  • Raises your buttocks
  • Eliminates bumps and bulges in the hip, thigh, back and leg areas
  • Eliminates midriff bulge
  • Helps with better posture
  • Provides support for your internal organs
  • Smooths the appearance of cellulite
  • Creates a smooth, sleek line under clothes
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Find the Right Shapewear Styles for Your Problem Areas

Choosing a shapewear style depends on what you plan on wearing and what problem area you are looking to shape and support. Below are the main categories, but within each of these categories are a slew of styles. This is where it can get tricky, but just remember to focus on the areas you are trying to help and also highlight. That way finding the right shapewear style won't be so overwhelming for you.

If you have a particular outfit in mind, it's a good idea to bring it along with you when your go shopping. That way you can try on different shapewear styles with your outfit/dress and make the right selection then and there.

The Revolutionary Wacoal Ipant Shapewear

Camisoles or Shaping Tanks - They are used for upper body shaping and support. Camisoles will firm and flatten your stomach area. They also give lift to your breasts and will smooth out upper body rolls and bulges. They are also a great option when it comes to layering.

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Briefs or Shaper Shorts - These provide a solution if your problem area is with large thighs, legs, butt and tummy. They also help smooth out cellulite. They are worn from your high waist all the way down to the lower thigh or mid-thigh. They are great in eliminating panty lines too!

Shaping Panty Brief - Provides tummy control, smooths and lifts your bottom and won't show panty lines.


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Body Brief or Body Shaper - These help with smoothing and enhancing almost your entire silhouette. They come in a one piece and help improve the appearance of your stomach, midsection, thighs, legs, bust, and rear end.

Pantliners or Shaping Leggings - They are very similar to briefs except that they extend down to your full leg which works great if you need that extended control. They smooth and shape your legs, thighs, hips, rear and lower abdomen. They can be worn under pants or jeans and can be worn with a long tunic shirt or sweater.

Waist Cinchers - Surprisingly, waist cinchers cinch your waist. They create a defined waist giving you an hourglass figure. They extend from just below your chest to just above your butt. They also open and close in the front the same way a bra closure works. If you like to wear garters, there are styles that come with attached garters and detachable garters.

Control Slips - A great option to enhance and shape your fuller figure when wearing dresses or skirts. They are available as a full or half slip.

Minimizer Bra - Minimizer bras can make your bust appear one to two sizes smaller. The compression used holds the breasts tighter against the body, making your silhouette appear smaller. Don't confuse these with sport bras that will give you the uni-boob look. Make sure the fit does not distort your bust line.

Corsets -A corset is primarily designed to give you an hourglass figure even if you don't have one. In addition to slimming the waistline, a corset separates and lifts a woman's bust line. Corsets use boning in its construction, which typically runs the length of the corset in several areas. Boning provides additional reinforcement and makes it ideal for compressing and contouring your midsection

Arm Shapers - These help smooth and support arms while providing compression.

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