Second Wedding Dresses

So you are getting married again and wonder if there are any “rules” to follow when it comes to wearing second wedding dresses?  Luckily today, there aren’t many rules to follow. You still can wear a wedding dress or wedding gown that reflects who you are and still celebrate your wedding day in style whether it will be a formal or informal celebration. This is your chance to showcase your fashion sense.

One benefit you can take from your first wedding planning experience is lessons learned. Look back and think about when it came to bridal dress shopping what worked and didn’t work. This is your chance to go back and not repeat the same mistakes (I am talking about the dress, not the man) when it comes to trying on dresses.


Life is all about learning from our mistakes…right?  For me, it was very important to find a classic, simple and timeless style. I wanted to be able to look at my wedding pictures over the years and still love the dress I wore.

As for second wedding gowns or dresses, the door is wide open. Designers are creating gowns for every taste, budget, body shape and venue. Options are wildly available at bridal salons, but you also have the benefit of wearing a suit, formal gown, cocktail dress or reception dress. You may even be able to pick a dress right of the rack.

What Second Wedding Dress Styles are Appropriate?

If you are older and have had children, your shape may not be the same it was when you married the first time. Know what styles and designs flatter your shape. You want to be able to accentuate your positives and minimize your problem areas.  For starters, a dress with ruching is a lifesaver and A-line silhouettes flatter most women and remember to wear shapewear. For other tips on enhancing your silhouette, click here what is my body type.

The dress you ultimately choose should match the formality of the wedding. Many second time brides like to take a more subdued, simpler approach so more style options are available. For a less formal affair, consider short wedding dresses, cocktail dresses and tea length wedding dresses; even long gowns can be simple.

Can I wear white?

A variety of colors are making their way into wedding dresses. If you want something other than white for you second wedding dress, then you have more options today. Some dresses come in colors such as pink, champagne, red, black, silver, blue, etc. And some gowns can even be dyed. If you are not sure, then call a bridal salon or ask your salesperson about color options.

Can I wear what I want?

Bottom line is yes.

In all honesty, not really.

There aren’t many rules when it comes to second weddings, but there is one rule of etiquette for the second time bride. You should forgo a blusher veil that covers the face which is a traditional style reserved for first time and very young brides. Even wearing white is acceptable, although Aunt Betty might not think so and may faint at the idea. But wearing a blusher veil will send her over the edge and you possibly out of the will.

There are so many choices in headpieces today that not being able to wear a blusher veil is not that big of a deal. Look through the internet and magazines to get ideas.

Yes, age matters. Not only should your dress be appropriate for the size, time of day, formality and venue of your wedding, but it should be age appropriate as well.

So coming to terms with your age is pretty important. If you are an older bride and you want to wear the Cinderella dress you dreamed of as a girl, you need to really be honest with yourself (or ask someone you trust) how you look and if it is suitable for your age. You still can be Cinderella, but maybe a more sophisticated, toned down version of one. 

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