Women's Plus Size Jeans and
Secrets to Style

Lane Bryant

How many plus size jeans do you have? How many different styles and designer brands do you own? And how many of those jeans do you actually like and feel good in? Jeans are pretty much a wardrobe staple for women and yet finding the right pair is not as easy as it may seem.  There are skinny jeans, slim fit jeans, jeggings, straight cut jeans, boot cut jeans, trouser jeans, boyfriend jeans, high rise, low rise, mid-rise, etc. The list seems endless these days. And if you are trying to find plus size jeans to flatter your figure, it's not always easy to know which styles, colors, lengths and rises you should be shopping for.

Below are some before and after pictures that point out why the "new" look makes all the difference. So next time you shop for plus size jeans, keep in mind how these little changes will transform your look.

The main point to remember is that to minimize your size, you should wear jeansthat give your silhouette balance and proportion.

Fashion Sinners Turned Fashionista

THE SIN: She took the plunge and wore skinny jeans. Enough. Said.

REDEMPTION: The all over dark wash creates a slenderizing look. Wearing higher heels also elongate her legs.

The boot cut style brings balance to her hips and creates all the right curves. The slight shading on the thighs also minimizes the size of her thighs.

THE SIN: Fifty Faded Shades of Grey. The shading emphasizes her rear as though a beam of light has struck her derriere. Also, the puddle of jeans on the floor creates a sloppy look.

REDEMPTION: The all over dark wash creates a continuous line. The flare of the jean creates balance from her shoe to her waist. Also, notice how the pocket is centered on her cheek.

THE SIN: While accentuating her slender legs, she brings more emphasis to her behind. As a result, these tight, plus size jeans makes her rear look wider.

UncommonGoods Catherines

REDEMPTION: The dark color jean creates a long, continuous look. The boot cut style brings balance to her hips. Notice how the belt accentuates her small waist and how the high heels makes her look classy and saucy!

The pockets are not the main attraction so this also helps create a continuous line from waist to hem.

THE SIN: This tight, low rise style smashes in her bottom like a pancake. The shading also highlights her flattened tush.

REDEMPTION: The body-grazing boyfriend jean flatters her without flattening her behind. A low yoke and centered, plain pockets also gives her all the right curves.

JEANS GUIDE: Keep Jeans Looking New

  • After buying a new pair of jeans, it’s a good idea to add 1 cup of distilled white vinegar or salt to cold, wash water the first time you wash them. This will help prevent the dye from running and reduce fading over time.
  • Be sure to wash your jeans in cold water using a colorfast laundry detergent. Warm or hot water will cause the dye color to run.
  • Wash your jeans on the delicate cycle to reduce friction, or better yet, wash them by hand.
  • Use a low heat or a no heat setting when using your dryer. Higher heat setting will cause additional fading to occur.
  • Remove your jeans before they are completely dry. Hang them to finish drying. Drying completely in the dryer will cause the fabric to shrink.
  • If you love your jeans, but they aren’t worth this much trouble then you can always take them to the dry cleaner.

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