Plus Size Bikinis - Take the Plunge

Would you like to shop for plus size bikinis and show off your full figured beauty at the beach or pool? With today's plus size bathing suit, you can. Plus size swimwear has made huge strides in styles, designs, color options, construction, etc. If you want to break away from the one piece, then go for it! You  have choices that will allow you to accentuate your figure like never before.  

The New "Fatkini" - Because Everyone has a Bikini Body

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Plus Size Swimwear Shopping Tips

Coverage: What type of coverage are you looking for? Any clothing item you wear comes down to accentuating your positives while minimizing your problem areas including plus size bikinis. The great thing about two piece suits is that you can buy the top and bottom separately.

Ruching: This is probably one of the greatest inventions ever made for women. The creased or gathered fabric hides imperfections, flatters your figure and looks sexy too.

Color: Darker colors tend to be more slenderizing, but bold colors and designs are available and they too can create a slimmer silhouette. Make sure bright colors are at the places you want to emphasize and darker colors are used to cover your problem areas.

Invest in Quality Fabric:  A good quality bathing suit can range from $80 - $100 or even higher. Quality will buy you better support. You may pay more upfront, but in the end you will spend less because you can wear it all season long and most likely the following year too. You don’t want to have to shop for a new suit the middle of summer when everything is pretty much picked over. Always remember you get what you pay for.

  • Lycra/spandex: The elasticity in Lycra fabric will make you look slimmer because it smooths and contours unwanted rolls and bulges and also provides lift to your bottom. Make sure it is a quality fabric because lower quality Lycra/spandex fabric tends to lose its shape and elasticity fairly quickly.
  • Nylon: Most swimwear manufacturers use this fabric and also provide support and slims your figure. However, unlike Lycra/spandex, it is resistant to abrasion from the sand or concrete pool. It dries quicker than most materials which is a nice to have as well.
  • Cotton: This fabric is not meant for swimsuits for anyone except if you are five. It absorbs water, fades quickly from the sun and chlorine and it loses its shape. You know how your jeans loosen up after a while, well the same happens with cotton bathing suits. Although appreciated in jeans, not so much when it comes to bathing suits.

Inner Layer Construction: A quality constructed bathing suit will give you additional security and support while giving you a great fit.

Bra Support: Look for underwire support. Bras that are built into plus size swimwear today provide you with the same amount of support as a regular bra. So make sure you have your correct bra size when you shop for bikini tops.

Strap Theory: Go with wide straps including halter style bikini tops. If you are large busted, they won’t leave grooves in your shoulders like thinner straps will. Wider straps will also diminish the look of wide shoulders.

Consider Shopping Online for Bikini Fashion: It’s hard enough trying on regular clothes at a retail store under the glaring ultraviolet lights, but a bathing suit takes it to a whole new level. Have you ever in your life tried on a bathing suit in a store and said, “I look great!”? I know those words never passed my lips. Aside from that, online shopping gives you a wider selection of styles and sizes that are available to you.

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