How to Achieve Full Figured Beauty

Do you think your size is keeping you from reaching your full figured beauty potential Do you think all plus size women are unattractive because of their size? I highly doubt it. What about men? What do they find attractive in women?  We all know by now that real beauty isn't just skin deep. So what gives a woman that extra something that makes her so beautiful and makes men find her so attractive?

Surprisingly, it's not just about physical beauty. Quite honestly, if that is the one and only thing a man finds attractive, run for your life!

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If you are eager to attain that something extra to be a plus size beauty then read on and see if you have these or need to make some changes to become the complete package.

LOOKS - It's not always about being a knockout; men are more interested in knowing that you take care of yourself. This means wearing makeup, styling your hair and having a put-together look.

A SENSE OF STYLE - A way of showing the world how you feel about yourself.

SMILE - It makes you more approachable.

ATTITUDE - Don't take life too seriously and have a positive outlook. Negativity can be draining. Men also like women who are playful, regardless of their age so be "young" at heart.

CONFIDENCE - A sign of intelligence, being in control and happy with your life. Even if you aren't, FAKE IT! And yes, wearing flattering clothes will boost your confidence.

KINDNESS - Be kind to him and show you care.

SENSE OF HUMOR - Women usually have this quality at the top of their list and so do men. Men like to know that you don't take life too seriously. Don't complain or make a big deal out of the minor bumps in the road. Be able to laugh at yourself.

BE A GOOD LISTENER - Don't only talk about yourself. Be interested in what he has to say. Don't forget to be polite and not to interrupt him while he is talking.

Even though these are qualities men find attractive in a woman so does everyone else. These are traits that all people are drawn to, men and women of all ages.

So are you the complete package? Are you a full figured beauty?

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