BEST JEANS for Plus Size Ladies

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Jeans come in so many styles, lengths, colors and rises that finding the best jeans to flatter your silhouette can be a daunting experience for women. To find the best jeans for your shape and size, you need to know your body type first. Are you an hourglass, apple, inverted triangle, rectangle or pear? Not all jeans look the same on every shape - right!? That's why you need to know your body and know how to dress to accentuate the positives while minimizing the negatives. See what jeans will look the best on you.

JEANS FOR PEARS: Trouser and boot cut jeans

  • Plus size boot cut jeans are very flattering to your silhouette because they offset wider hips.  Also, wear jeans that skim the thighs, not hug them. Jeans that are tighter around your thighs will make them appear larger and accentuate your hips.
  • Plus size trouser jeans are ideal as well because they fall uniformly to the floor to create a continuous line from waist to hem for a slenderizing look.
  • To make your bottom appear smaller, look for jeans with larger back pockets. Don't draw attention to your rear by wearing elaborate stitching, embellishments or flaps. Plus it will add bulk to your bottom.
Dark wash, trouser jeans

JEANS FOR APPLES: Boot cut jeans

  • They give your frame proportion and balances your overall look. Stay away from tapered jeans. This will only emphasize your larger midsection.
  • Look for jeans made with Lycra material. This will bring in your tummy and enhance your hips and bottom giving you curves.

JEANS FOR HOURGLASS:  Straight and boot cut jeans

  • Boot cut styles accentuate your curves the best. The flare at the bottom balances curvier hips thereby making them appear smaller.
  • Straight cut jeans will hug your hips and then fall straight to the hem. If you are shorter, this style will give you the illusion of being taller.


  • Straight leg jeans are your best friend. They create a continuous line for a long and slender look.

Tip on Jeans and Heels

If you want to wear heels with your jeans, be sure the hem covers the heel of the shoe. This is not only slenderizing but also makes you appear taller.

So there you have it, some styles and tips to help you next time you shop for your next best jeans. If you want more guidance then click on this link jeans guide for more tips on what you need to look for when shopping for your next pair of jeans.

I wish I could tell you which brand or store carries the absolute best jeans for your body type, but unfortunately that is not possible. Not all hourglass, full figured body types are created equal and not all boot cut or straight cut jeans are are created equal. The same goes for all the other body types and woman jeans out there.

That's why having your measurements are so important. Have them ready for online shopping. Better yet, go to some of your favorite plus size clothing stores and try on a variety of brands. You might find that Levi's boot cut styles look better than Calvin Klein boot cut or vice versa. Shopping isn't always a fun experience and sometimes you just need a second opinion. So bring a friend along so you can have fun and get your second opinion too. 

The Truth about Yoke Placement - HUH?

Did you know that long seam that appears right above the rear pockets is called a yoke? The position and placement of a yoke actually has a lot to do with how your backside looks. As for pocket placement, make sure the pockets are centered on your cheeks. This will make your rear look smaller.


If you need to create curves or define your curves from behind then look for a deeper yoke on the backside of the jean.

Don't buy styles with a straight yoke. This will make your waist appear wider and diminish curves.


No yokes usually have seamed pockets and is contoured with the use of darts. You will find (that is not find them) on some trouser style jeans.


The "V" shape yoke provides the most universal solution for a woman's jean fit. 


Look for plus size jeans with flap pockets; this will add volume. Also, jeans with an inverted arc yoke will give the illusion of a fuller rear.


A wide yoke is cut to give the illusion of falling pants without them really falling. (This look I will never understand.)


for plus size girls that is. The sweet heart yoke is meant for skinny behinds. It is supposed to enhance a small derriere.

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Tell Us Your Jeans Story!

If you are a plus size woman who knows a thing or two about jeans, please share your suggestions, ideas or just say hello. We can all learn from your experiences.