Plus Size Modeling Tips

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Who needs plus size modeling tips? Modeling isn't just for the stick thin anymore. Today, there is a huge demand for plus size women to model fashion, lingerie, in catalogs, or even in advertisements for commercial projects. This is a victory for full figured women everywhere.

The field of plus size modeling is wide open right now. Opportunities for full figure models are expanding every day. If you are full figured and would love a glamorous job that allows you to travel the world, you should consider plus size modeling and read the 10 plus size modeling tips.

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Are you ready to become a full figure model?

10 Tips to help you get started

Plus Size Modeling Tips

1. MAKE SURE YOU ARE "PLUS SIZE" - This may sound obvious, but agents turn away aspiring full figure models every day, telling them they need to gain weight to be considered "plus size". Many women have skewed visions of themselves, thinking they are full figured when they are actually far from it. If you want to pursue a career as a plus size model, consult with a modeling agent to make sure you qualify.

2. LEARN ABOUT MODELING - Plus size modeling is still modeling. Before you pursue a modeling career, take the time to learn about the field of modeling. There are different types of modeling for different sizes and even different body parts. By learning the business, you will be well ahead of all the other aspiring models auditioning for the same modeling jobs as you.

It's all about the eyes!

3. MODELING IS SELLING - Modeling is all about business. The purpose of every modeling job is selling. Models are used to make a product or service look good so that people buy it. The purpose of modeling isn't just to dress up and get paid for having your picture taken. Remember that a model's main job is always to help sell something. Plus size clothing is a rapidly growing part of the fashion world.

Justine Legault

Justine Legault

4. YOU HAVE TO BE COMFORTABLE WITH YOUR BODY - You must be completely comfortable with your body, your weight, and yourself. A model must love her body and having her picture taken. If you are uncomfortable, it will come across in your photographs.

5. YOU NEED TO LOOK GOOD - When you're a full figure model, your figure and your looks matter. You must be fit, have the right height and look, perfect teeth, great hair, beautiful skin, and you must be photogenic. Try having someone photograph you as if you were modeling to check out your look.

6. YOU NEED AN AGENT - To make it in the world of professional modeling, you need an agent. Make sure your agent specializes in plus size models. Many top modeling agencies now have many full figure models in their portfolio. The demand is increasing!

7. YOU MUST HAVE CONFIDENCE - Self-confidence and determination are your biggest assets in making it as a full figure model. Modeling is competitive and those with the determination to succeed are usually the ones that make it big.

8. PERSISTENCE IS KEY - It takes time to get signed with a modeling agency and it may take even longer to get your first modeling job. You must persevere and never give up to achieve success as a full figure model. Follow up on every lead and go to every modeling audition you can. Becoming a model takes planning, persistence, and lots of hard work, but if you stick with it, you'll be rewarded with a thriving career.

Briana Harrington

9. YOU CAN'T FALL APART - Rejection is a huge part of a career in plus size modeling. You must handle rejection well. You can't fall apart every time you don't get a modeling job. If you don't deal well with rejection, modeling may not be a good career for you.

10. TREAT MODELING AS YOUR BUSINESS - No matter the type of modeling you do, it is vital that you treat modeling as your job - as your business, not as your hobby or something you do for fun. You have to commit yourself to attending every audition, taking care of yourself, making connections, and keeping up with contacts. You must network all the time, just like when owning a business. Be serious about your modeling business and put forth a professional attitude for success.

Hopefully, these Plus Size Modeling Tips will land you on a magazine cover one day!

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