Buy things that fit you

by Alison
(Cardiff, Wales)

I think that the most important part of shopping for clothes is to buy things that fit you as you are NOW.

We spend so much time thinking about the person we want to be that we forget about the person that we really are.

That person is just fine.

I may not be the exact dress size that I'd like to be but once I stopped worrying about what I thought I should be wearing and focused on what actually looked good on me people started to notice ME rather than what I was wearing.

When I found out exactly what styles fitted my body in the size and shape that it is right now others started to ask me if I'd lost weight - even though I hadn't.

I bought new bras. That made a huge difference. They made me look slimmer, even though the scale hadn't budged.

Choosing the right colors helped too. I know that some colors look much better on me than others do. When you combine the best colors for your hair and skin type along with the styles that fit your shape the results are amazing.

Somehow it makes you feel more confident. That makes you stand up straighter, which pulls your tummy in, which makes you look different. Nothing's changed except your attitude. Add a smile and you look stunning!

I had to sort out my shoes as the final touch in my new look. Wearing the same, tired, worn out shoes can ruin your look. Once I spent the money on something decent I felt better as well as looked nicer. By the time you get to 50 something your feet will tell you when they're not comfortable, so don't buy cheap shoes. They never fit properly and they almost always rub somewhere.

Now that I've lost a bit of weight I've had to buy some new clothes. I try not to cut corners and to choose wisely. I've found that if I choose things that I can mix and match I don't need loads of clothes. I can rearrange what I've got into lots of different outfits.

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